For models just starting out, working for trade is very important. However I want to stress the importance of trade shoots that even the most experienced model can benefit from

Model Mayhem’s first cover photo of 2015 features Rebekah Marine

There are enormous differences between modeling commercially and editorial fashion models

Longevity: in the fashion world, it’s a rare occurrence. There are but a few names that have withstood more than a single season

Okay, so you are all waiting with bated breath for me to weigh in on this heavy trade, tfp, tfcd, pay, conundrum. If you are a model/actor/photographer then you know all shoots fall into two categories: paid and unpaid.

Besides living a living a healthy lifestyle throughout the whole year (workout regularly, eat healthy), I have a few more ‘rules’ that I stick to during the holidays to make sure I keep my measurements after the holidays

Plus size modeling can be many things. In this article, I go over the most common types of plus modeling, the requirements for each type and the best way to find work.

Androgyny, in its most flattering form, is not only appearing to be male and female, but also appearing to be attractive as either gender. This concept, having two models for the price of one, is becoming widely popular in the fashion industry

Model Mayhem’s December 2014 cover photo features IDiivil

Filling out your profile and statistics can be a little daunting, especially when it comes to measurements. Fear not! We have an easy-to-follow guide to help you out