In this article, Sean Armenta demonstrates one way to achieve a high key scenario using two lights and some reflection

As a fashion photographer Instagram should be among your most frequently used apps. It’s a great way to showcase your latest work, keep your followers updated, attract new collaborators, and impress new clients. But building a loyal and respective following isn’t done overnight

In part four of Dan Hostettler’s glamour lighting tutorial series he talks about how to create the perfect cover shot

This series is part of a fashion editorial shot from morning to sunset. It was a 12-13 hour location shoot, using the sun as a primary light source. I had my camera, a 50mm lens, and a fabulous team

There will be some agencies that really like you and your work and will want to help you, while others may not show that much interest

The Nikon D750 combines the compact and lightweight construction of the D610 with the high-end full frame still photo and full 1080p HD video capabilities of the D810

Here’s a list of Karin Elgai’s favorite items to style with, the wardrobe gifts that keep on giving, when you don’t have a full team to shoot with

In contrast to the previous clamshell lighting tutorial, this setup uses a light-design where you and your model’s area for movements is much wider

One crucial part to creating a great image is choosing the right lens for the job. A lot of the choice can be based on preference, but there are a few things to consider when choosing a lens for the shot you’re doing

Marius Troy, the founder of online fashion magazine Ben Trovato, has reviewed thousands of emails and submissions from photographers. In this article, he discusses the common mistakes made that lead to being rejected