Dodging and burning is a method of lightening and darkening specific areas of an image, regulating local exposure to even out texture and contours… more »

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This week’s highlights: Ashton Taylor’s cover of SnapMatter Magazine, Barbara Desiree in Esquire Mexico, Cervena Fox scores Tattoo Magazine cover, Maria Eriksson’s cover of Playboy South Africa, and the winners of our 10 Year Anniversary Social Media Giveaway

This week’s highlights: Model Mayhem’s 10 Year Anniversary Social Media Giveaway, Barbara Desiree in FHM Russia, New cover for James Patrick, Savannah Kreisman’s Kaboom Magazine cover, and RIP Paul C. Buff

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So, you fancy yourself as a little Will Shakespeare do you? Want to get a little more exposure for your MM profile or your business? Or you just got this really great technique that you just HAVE to get off your chest? Well, have no fear, that’s why the MM Library is here