This week’s highlights: Ashlee Ess in Surreal Beauty Magazine, Tiffany Nicole’s first published work, Michelle Colleen’s magazine cover, Libertad Green’s new calendar, and more… more »

Learn from Modeling Industry Experts:

Here’s a look at some of the in-camera alternatives to post-processing manipulation. These effects are time-tested, some going back to the very dawn of photography in the 1830s, and done properly, they still look and feel as fresh as any of the latest Photoshop plugins

Longevity: in the fashion world, it’s a rare occurrence. There are but a few names that have withstood more than a single season

This week’s New Member Spotlight features Rose Yinsu, Jhordan Brie, Alexey Mikhailov, Tasha Lynn Barton, Iana Pittsburgh, Tiiramisu and Chloencoelho

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Check it out! Friends and Folders is the new way to view your friends on Model Mayhem

We recently launched a new feature that allows members to upload images using their mobile device

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