Model Mayhem’s September 2014 cover photo features four stunning shots of Luckyfox

I get a lot of email from aspiring models, asking about how to get started in modeling and acting in Tokyo. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about modeling in Japan

Model Mayhem’s August 2014 cover photo features Michelle Lewin and was shot by Joel Alvarez

Whatever you call it, a trade is…wait for it…supposed to be a trade. This means both parties get something out of it

One of the most important topics to discuss and tackle during these modern day times of the internet and huge social media world is model safety

Model Mayhem’s July 2014 cover photo features Floofie

As a model, I have gotten into the habit of scrutinizing my image. I sometimes get caught up in the realm of the superficial, wishing away every stray hair or blemish, and forget to let my inner beauty shine. But if ever there were a reminder, it came to me on November 2, 2012

Lauren Calaway is an agency represented beauty and fashion model based in Los Angeles. Despite being only 5’2, Lauren has featured in countless online and print campaigns. She’s dubbed the Travelsize Supermodel and has the portfolio to back it up

Ophelia Overdose is a multi-talented artist with an array of skills that make her almost impossible to define. Model, performer, makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion designer are a few of the words that could be used to describe her, but none of these even begin to adequately explain the creative process of her art

In this article we outline a handful of the most popular professional modeling types and explain what it typically takes, physically, to succeed in these markets